The sign is definitely ‘made beautifully.’ I love it. I hung it tonight alongside the other sign you made How Great Thou Art. It all looks beautiful together. I am so glad I have these things. Thank You so much.
— Bev M.
I love all the decorative items Lori has made for me. I have reversible holiday blocks for each holiday and several customized items with our lasts name or kids’ names. I get complimented on them all the time, and since we rent, it’s the perfect renters’ decor since most of the items can sit on a ledge or shelf
— Reagan G.
I asked Lori to make a sign for my mom and siblings in honor of our first Father’s Day without our dad. I told her my idea, and she designed a beautiful sign with words from Dad’s favorite song. She and Jonathan make a great team in creating signs in all shapes and sizes. I will definitely use her for future projects!
— Barb S.
A home is filled with warmth and love. The artwork Lori has made for me helps to make my house a home. Its heartfelt message makes the bare walls of a home tell the story of my life. People who come to my home ask where I got my decoration, and I can proudly say they were made by my friend Lori.
— Megan F.
I am very pleased with my artwork from Feita Bonita. It is very neat, clean, and professionally done. Lori has customized several pieces for my home and wedding gifts, and I use her for any creative needs I have.
— Leigh M.
Your company Feita Bonita has that perfect touch on how to make simple words speak from our hearts. I love having these daily reminders hanging in my home. They will be an encouragement to my family and friends who come by and see them.
— Brenda T.
I had asked Lori if she could make a sign of special dates for my husband and me. I sent her an email of what I was wanting, and it turned out AMAZING! My husband was unaware that I was having something special made for our home. The evening I received it, I surprised him, and he loved it! I will definitely be asking Lori to do this sort of thing in the future.
— Sarah A.
Lori was GREAT to work with. I gave her a project, and she had it done quickly, and it turned out fabulous!!
— Diana L.
This sign is beyond anything I imagined. It is gorgeous!! You do good work!!
— DeAnna R.
Lori is really creative at everything she does. One of my favorite things she made for me was my last name out of wood. We have it in our house, and so many friends comment on what a great idea it is. She has such a great talent for art. You won’t be disappointed in her work.
— Joshua B.
I absolutely love having my son’s name on the wall in his room! It gives him a sense of belonging, and he learned how to spell his name from admiring the letters on the wall. In the 3 years I have had them, the letters have stayed together as well as the day they were made. Thank you, Lori, for all of the great work. I look forward to getting more done in the near future!
— Maggie B.
We ordered a BEAUTIFUL sign from this precious family! I cannot wait to be moved into our new house where I can display it! This handmade treasure is priceless!!
— Wendy M.
I love everything Lori creates! Her work is amazing and she will make sure that you get exactly what you want!
— Tighe B.
Feita Bonita will work with you to create the exact piece you are looking for. Their work is exceptional with quick turn around.
— Kay S.
This is high quality work. The two involved are near-perfectionists; they will not turn out a product that does not pass their own very high standards. Since they are able to make nearly anything the customer wants, they can make very special and sentimental products.
— Ron B.
Love, love, love the work Lori has done for me. She has customized everything to my personal taste and colors. Happy to support a family run business.
— Judy T.
Lori spends a lot of time with you, determining exactly what you want & how you want it to look but also willing to give suggestions on how to get the best possible outcome. Quality handiwork and great ideas!
— Julia M.
The quality of her signs is second to none. Beautiful hand work.
— DeAnna R.
Feita Bonita made us a very trendy sign for church that came out great! I loved the quality and consider it a centerpiece in our building. Thank you for the excellent work!
— Chris J.
Lori is meticulous with her work. She is a true perfectionist when it comes to her projects. She absolutely wants her customers to be happy with the finish project. I love all her signs, but my favorites are when she takes a personal photo and matches it with a scripture. I love our family photo matched with I John 1:7. What a unique and one of a kind gift!
— Bev B.
Lori created a wall sign for my husband to give me as a gift! She did just what he asked and it was perfect!
— Janet G.